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Recharge Station

"You don't have to suffer in silence."


Playlists to Lift Your Mood

Meditations to calm you down

Apps to improve your mental health



Positive Affirmations App

Our mindset and thoughts have an enormous impact on self-esteem, health, prosperity, and happiness. Positive affirmations and self-talk are a simple and proven technique recommended by therapists, life coaches, and personal development gurus to make our mind work for us.


Color Therapy

"The perfect relaxation App through social coloring"

In Color Therapy, users unleash their creativity, de-stress, and relax all at once. Many of our users become close friends and support one another's personal growth and creative developments. Mindfulness art therapy can significantly decrease the symptoms of physical and emotional distress(1), and has also been discovered to reduce signs of depression and anxiety.



Sleep & Meditation App



Mood Tracker & Daily Quotes

App for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. It can be used to help with sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. It's a great mindfulness app for beginners, but it also includes programs for intermediate and advanced users. Guided meditations are available in 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes.

A journaling app for you to vent your thoughts and feelings. It'll improve your mood and practice mindfulness. Write down how you feel each day in your own mood diary. It'll give you personalized motivation and prompts the more you use it. It's driven by Artifical Intelligence that will help you deal with negative thoughts and increase positivity.
Never journaled before? Don't worry, the system will give you personalized prompts and reminders. 

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